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of team members is now complete. Any additional changes will be subject to a two week delay before being able to play. Playing an un-registered player, or playing a registered player before their two week period of waiting is complete, will result in the forfeiture of all points and games.


Send your typed out results using the Excel sheet in Downloads! If you're used to sending your results in an e-mail only, try typing the team names into this excel sheet and attaching them instead. It could save time.

League Rules

For printable copies, see Downloads Section

Section A: General

  1. The name of the League shall be the Coleraine and District Indoor Bowling League.

  2. The object of the League shall be to promote the game of Short Mat Bowls

  3. The League shall be affiliated to the Irish Indoor Bowling Association.

  4. Application for admission into the league should be sent to the league secretary who will then send a copy to all committee members to determine if the applicant club should be admitted.

  5. The office bearers shall be: President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Secretary and Treasurer who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

  6. The day to day affairs of the league shall be managed by a management committee consisting of the office bearers and three other persons elected annually by the League committee.

  7. The Annual general Meeting of the League Committee shall be held in the month of April each year for the following purposes:

    1. To receive reports from the Secretary and Treasurer.

    2. To elect office bearers for the year.

    3. To appoint a Management Committee.

    4. To receive and discuss any notice of motion submitted, in writing, to the Secretary before February 28th.

    5. To decide membership fees for the following year.

    6. Any member of a club can attend the A.G.M. but only two votes per club are allowed on any motions brought up at the before or at the meeting

  8. Seven days notice, in writing, of a League Committee meeting shall be sent to each member of the Committee (excepting the case of an Emergency Meeting) when shorter notice shall be permissible). Four voting members shall form a quorum, each delegate shall have a vote and any member may call for a ballot. The President shall have a deliberate vote and shall have a casting vote in the event of an equality of votes.

  9. Any club may call for a special General Meeting by informing the secretary of the reason for this and must take place within 14 Days

  10. To decide on the fees payable by each club the present fee is £40 and should be paid by the 31st October each year, this fee pays for Entry into the League, Charity Cups and the Championships.

  11. New Rule 2019: Registration of players.

Section B: Competitions

Bowling shoes or any heel-less shoes must be worn while playing on the rink mats, players' attention is drawn to this rule. Home teams will ensure that proper footwear is worn.

A player in the Coleraine and District League may represent his or her club in any League affiliated to the IIBA, however a player may only represent one club in the Coleraine and District League in any one season.

The league shall be comprised of two sections. A rota of matches shall be drawn up and adhered to by all entrants. Games shall consist of four legs of ten ends. Points shall be awarded as follows: one point for each winning rink and 1 point for the overall score in both the first and second halves plus one point for the overall score for the winning team, ie a maximum of seven points. All matches to commence at 7.30pm. A match has to be played within the week stated on the fixture sheet, any team defaulting will forfeit full match points. Any departure from this rule will only be allowed at the discretion of the League Secretary.

A Club with insufficient members may play up to two players namely the Lead or Second from the first half in the same position in the second half but not on the same mat in all league and Cup Competitions with the exception of the McCandless Cup where only 12 players are allowed.

The secretary of the home team shall forward the match score sheet to the League Secretary within three days of the match being played.

The first two burnt ends by each rink shall be disregarded and the ends replayed. For each subsequent burnt end the offending rink, will be penalised by the award of three shots to their opponents and the end counted as an end played. When the jack is driven over the fender three shots will be awarded to the opposing rink and this will be counted as an end played. Any subsequent *** need rule in here burnt ends should be regarded as ends played and shots awarded accordingly. *** also note about leads hitting the jack.

The winners of the league shall be the team with the greatest number of points at the close of the competition. In the event of two or more teams having an equal number of points, the winner shall be decided by shots up they are still level the result between the two sides will decide the winner.

Promotion and relegation between the leagues will be the bottom clubs Division 1 going down and the top club in Division 2 coming up.

When a game is stopped by a power failure or any other valid reason it shall be resumed with the scores as they were when play stopped.

Section C: League Competitions

The rules governing the IBA singles, pairs, triples and fours competitions shall apply.

This consists of Under 18 singles (Mininum number 3 players) Ladies and Mens Singles (up to 2 ladies allowed to play from any club in the Ladies Singles), All Singles shall be four bowls each player. Ladies Pairs Open Pairs and Over 55 pairs Triples and Fours all played off in the Championships Over 9 ends with the Finals being played off over 10 ends The draw for play to be made by the committee if necessary a preliminary round will be played off to get it down to 16 teams in each event.

The League secretary to send out a note to all clubs in February to find out if they are competing in all events but no names are required at this stage.

All competitors in the Finals must play in Grey/Black skirt or trousers with either a white top or a club shirt otherwise they will not be allowed to play.

Section D: Charity Cup Competitions

Lexie Kirk Cup

Cheat, Heart & Stroke

The competition shall be knock-out events with four legs of ten ends being played in each match. The winner of each match shall be decided by shots up. If scores are level at the end of play then the last two rinks to have played on each side shall play until a result is reached.

After the preliminary and first round of the Lexie Kirk Charity Cup have been played the teams still remaining in that competition shall continue with the competition as in the match sheet. Losers in the preliminary and first rounds shall then go on to play for the Chest, Heart and Stroke Cup.

McCandless Cup

This will consist of twelve ends and will be played as a triples competition with twelve players competing only.

One trial end to be played.

The Dress code for the Cup Finals will be the same as the Championships.

A collection will be taken up on behalf of the nominated charities at each match and the proceeds forwarded to the League Treasurer within three days of the match being played.

Section E: Interpretation

The Management Committee's interpretation of all rules shall be final and binding.


Contact Information

League Officers:

  For any business connected with the day-to-day running of the League, contact the League Secretary.  
  Name Club Phone E-mail Position
1 Paul Pentland Dunluce Parish League President
2 Geoff Gault St. Colums 077 332 38076 geoffgault150(at)btinternet.com League Secretary
3 Robert McLaughlin Millburn 079 703 93840 mclaughlin495(at)btinternet.com League Treasurer

Club Secretaries:

Division 1

  To arrange matches please contact the secretary of the club directly.  
  Team Name Match Night Secretary Name Contact Number E-mail
1 Ballinteer Thursday Edward Jamison 70359509 edward.jamison(at)btinternet.com
3 Ballyrashane Thursday Ronnie Cochrane 077 434 73027
or 028 703 42108
6 First Dunboe Wednesday Marion Campbell 077 090 56413 marion.campbell01q(at)btinternet.com
7 Dunluce Parish Monday Ken Caskey 077 130 77795 caskeykenneth(at)gmail.com
9 Kelly Memorial Tuesday John Weeks 077 969 07537 john.weeks(at)live.co.uk
10 Leck Wed/Thurs June Teacy 028 708 69153 juneteacy(at)gmail.com
12 Montra Tuesday Jim Laverty 028 703 56216 j_lafferty(at)sky.com
16 St. Patricks Thursday Brian McAlister 078 346 53952 mcalisterbrian(at)hotmail.com
18 Terrace Row Wednesday William Miller 028 703 21240 willie.miller(at)talktalk.net

Division 2

  To arrange matches please contact the secretary of the club directly.  
  Team Name Match Night Secretary Name Contact Number E-mail
2 Ballylaggan Monday Sam Barr 077 7990 6974
or 708 68346
4 Ballywillan Wednesday Graham Lowe 028 708 34674 21g.lowe(at)gmail.com
5 Burnside Thursday Tanya Everett 079 291 15440 teverett(at)hotmail.co.uk
8 Hazelbank Tuesday Neville Lamont 077 9602 4851
or 028 703 44517
11 Millburn Wednesday Robert McLaughlin 028 703 44350 mclaughlin495(at)btinternet.com
13 Portstewart Pres. Monday Mervyn Pyper 077 150 04512 mervpyper71(at)hotmail.co.uk
14 Portstewart G.C. Tuesday Sylvia Shaw 075 976 50542 jamessylvia(at)btinternet.com
15 St. Colums Thursday Caroline Murray 075 577 33003 caroline.murray4321(at)live.co.uk
17 St. Pauls Thursday Gary King 077 422 34829 garyking70(at)btinternet.com

Matches begin at 7.30pm. Proper flat footwear must be worn!

Any problems with the website please contact: rob(at)bannside.org

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Location of Halls

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